With over 30 years in the comic business as a collector and a dealer CFP Comics is now proud to announce the launch of our new website. We offer many services such as CGC submission options, pre screening and pressing.

Current Specials

CFP Comics and Services is a CGC Authorized Member Dealer and we offer one of the best discounts in the hobby. Email me for the details.

Upcoming Shows

Heroes Comic Convention

06/20/2014 - 06/22/2014

Charlotte Convention Center

Welcome to CFP Comics & Services Inc.

Do you have books that have small non-color breaking creases, bends, waves from moisture? Looking to get the most out of your books? We are accepting books in the following ages:

  • Golden Age
  • Silver Age
  • Bronze Age
  • Copper Age
  • Modern Age

We handle all the paper work and submit for you, and offer quick turnaround times.

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CFP Services

  • Pressing - Removal of small defects using non-restorative techniques that can help raise the grade of a comic.
  • Free Pre-Screening - Minimize cost on CGC fee's for books that might not achieve the grades you were looking for.
  • CGC Submission - Submission of your books to CGC with all necessary paperwork.
  • Online Ordering - Simple online management of the books you want to submit to us.
  • Signature Series - All inclusive press and prep service for Signature Series books.
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